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Note to self, "I have enough, I do enough, I am enough. I am amazing."

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I am who I am until I create who I want to be

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How kids teach us what fun is and why we need to pursue it.

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Culture is the key to company success

S2 E3: Gilli talks with Deb Dutta from Criya on her rise from dream-filled Immigrant to successful Silicon Valley VC Funded Female Startup EntreprenHER

Money doesn’t buy you happiness: 5 reasons why

First, break all the rules

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I'm so excited... and I just can't hide it

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Finding the Stillness: A Pathway to Success and Abundance

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There is no “I” in Team

The Journey of Valuing Yourself: Embracing Ego, Humility, and Passion Leadership

Sitting in the Stillness


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The only thing that’s stopping you is your own mind

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#LifeHack: Removing the Traffic From Your Life

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The Art of Nurturing Growth in your Team

#LifeHack - Balancing Quality Of Life & Getting Things Done

Self-Actualization - get outside your box to find your destination

#lifehack: Turn Off Reality TV!

S2 E2 Jennifer Julian on Super Bowl, Rihanna, Critics & Faking It Till You Make It - TheCrea8ve EntreprenHER

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