Feb 17 • 57M

Jennifer Julian on Super Bowl, Rihanna, Critics & Faking It Till You Make It - TheCrea8ve EntreprenHER

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Welcome to theCrea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast - where Gilli Moon interviews Jennifer Julian of June Bug Pictures, creative and media entpreneur, on the 2023 Super Bowl, Rihanna, Critics & Faking it till you make it.

I'm looking at strong female archetypes in music, media and technology, and looking at what makes them successful, or what challenges makes them unsuccessful. This made me want to talk about Rihanna's 2023 Super Bowl performance, her pregnancy announcement, and the reaction to that from fans and media. Also we get to know Jennifer Julian, a multi-faceted talented writer, producer and artist, who has performed the largest stages herself (Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, Broadway, the=e list goes on...), as well as being a philanthropist who helps young people share their own voices through the creative process and power of the arts. Jennifer sat with me on an abnormally blustery Los Angeles day and dissected Rihanna's Super Bowl performance, how she announced her pregnancy on stage, as well as discussed some other really juicy topics about female entrepreneurship, imposter syndrome, how to deal with criticism from within and from others, getting out of your own way, vulnerability,... you get my drift... all these areas we deal with as super badass female entrepreneurs.

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