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S2 E4: Getting Beyond Survive to Thrive with Deborah Bishop

S2 E4: Getting Beyond Survive to Thrive with Deborah Bishop

Welcome to theCrea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast - interviewing leading female, creative entrepreneurs who share their insights, tactics, & strategies that made them successful passion leaders.

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TheCrea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast with Gilli interviews Guest Speakers who share topics are around creativity, entrepreneurship, or a little bit of both. I'm also focusing on women in business lately, and that tends to touch on some really juicy discussions of strength, empowerment, life stories and taking the path least traveled.

Which brings me to today’s episode. I’m excited to welcome Deborah Bishop, as my special guest and our topic is Getting Beyond Survive to Thrive.

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Deborah Bishop is both an award winning Performing, Recording Artist and a highly noted Energetic Practitioner. In her private practice she specializes in helping entreprenHers in moving from their survival patterns that run on auto pilot, to the conscious creation of the success and life they deserve. Today we are talking about Getting beyond ‘Survive’ to ‘Thrive’ as a female entrepreneur


Also we’ll listen to one of my songs, which she picked. I do this every episode: each guest has to pick a gilli moon original, haha. So check out my song - Temperamental Angel - which I’ll play the song, right here, on today’s podcast (if you’re watching the Video version of the podcast you can watch the music video too).

Some great quotes from today’s episode:

  • Owning all parts of me

  • Living your truth brings abundance

  • What people think of me is none of my business

  • How to feel Instant manifestation

  • The minute you focus on what you are doing wrong, you’ll do it wrong. Decide you’re doing it right

  • The only person stopping me is me.

  • Trust your gut

  • You can’t live on willpower alone

  • Really looking at who we are ultimately allows us to be successful willing to take the moment and say “i’m worth more than this”

  • At any moment you can say, “I Am This”

Listen as I interview Deb and learn

  • How lack of money talk creates dysfunction and blocks to attract money, but we don’t realize we have the dysfunction

  • Why mindset alone is not enough - if you are not handling your emotional truths, that will threaten your mindset.

  • How to move towards the thing that makes you feel better

  • What is the Foundational Lie? - How trauma can no longer trigger (even if it still exists)

  • Where doing a lot versus, focused effort, can change your direction to the next level of freedom

Products. Links and Music mentioned today:

  • Book: ‘Blowing my way to the top’ by Jen Atkins (Amazon link:

  • “Temperamental Angel” Music Video by Gilli Moon

  • “Peace Be” Music Video by Deborah bishop

Find Deborah Bishop at

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