Subtle or not so subtle nudges to get your shit together on who you want to be next.... 💘
The subtle art of following your dreams and not accepting a life that sucks
Do you like my new lippy? Also, here’s a few things to do to be unconventional, extreme, innovative and … damn successful, just like Elon Musk, Steve…
Why Cross Fit is my new jam and how I finished faster and you can too… 🚀
Getting clear on values, passions and goals
So many people are just busy busy busy, always doing doing doing. Maybe just stop…. and listen to your inner voice. Can you hear the silence?
In a world that often glorifies ego and material success, somewhere in there lies your self-worth
How are you going to get your mind healthy to achieve the possible?
Do you remember any of your childhood dreams? Could your childhood passion be the key to your dreams coming true as a grownup? Have you forgotten them…
Do you hate traffic? Me too. Freeways, Highways, Peak Hour, any Hour on the road… when it comes to Traffic, I hate it. But there’s other kinds of…
I'm taking a long hard look at that, in 1 minute
Commence-aphobiaDo you have a fear of starting? I love this video i did a while ago. I think it's still relevant. Do you?