The Crea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast
S2 E7: If Your Why is Strong Enough, You Can Do Anything, with Joyce Roosz

S2 E7: If Your Why is Strong Enough, You Can Do Anything, with Joyce Roosz

Welcome to theCrea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast - interviewing leading female, creative entrepreneurs who share their insights, tactics, & strategies

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On TheCrea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast, I interview Guest Speakers who share topics are around creativity, entrepreneurship, or a little bit of both. I’m focusing on women in business lately, and that tends to touch on some really juicy discussions of strength, empowerment, life stories and taking the path least traveled. Which brings me to today’s episode.

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Our Topic today is:

"If Your ‘Why’ is Strong Enough, You Can Do Anything"

which is an exact quote by our lovely guest:

Joyce Roosz

Watch and listen above!

Joyce Roosz is a transformational leader focused on operation enablement and addressing emerging opportunities with agility. At HPE, Joyce drives global factory performance excellence, and is the champion of Operations Engineering & Enablement LACE (Lean-Agile Center of Excellence). Prior to HPE, Joyce has led Program Management at Intel  with deep  supply chain skills which span across consulting engagements, manufacturing, supplier/partner management, customer quality) and channel sales. Adept at complex business process improvement, driving financial efficiency, solving problems with prevention and sustained performance by design - known as the CAPA champion. Joyce believes that high performing teams require a foundation built on trust, transparency and alignment which delivers motivating results including innovation.  A passion for mentoring and coaching PMO leaders in high tech from diverse backgrounds. Joyce is also a catalyst for diversity, career advocacy leader for Women Empowered in Supply Chain, where the transformative results were featured in Gartner as best in class. Joyce is married, a mother of 2 boys, and loves hiking at National Parks. Find Joyce at and On Instagram @joyce_roosz

Themes explored:

  •  how you show up as a leader at work

  • influencing others in the workplace title or no title

  • steps to advance in your career including education/continued learning

  • being a boss without the boss title

  • Time management

  • Showing throughput

  • Education and training

  • Overcoming fear and showing value 

  • Re-write your narrative, new story

  • How to crack the glass ceiling - sponsors, community, advocacy and networking. 

  • Scaled agile and business transformation

  • How Joyce uses community to advance and advocate her leadership and network

  • “If your Why is strong enough you can do anything” a Joyce quote!

  • “Every moment we have is a moment to connect. It’s important to achieve, but as leaders I encourage my teams - blow wind into their sails, help them think big, help them in where they can go”

And we listened to my song, FALLING, which is a co-write (Gilli Moon/CaiNo). Fabulous music video on that too if you watch the Video version of this podcast.


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