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S1 E6: Visualizing and writing your life passion business plan

S1 E6: Visualizing and writing your life passion business plan

Exercise to help you build out the next 10 years of your life and career

A practical guide in asking yourself the right questions on who you want to be and what you want to do for the next 10 years. Take 10mins to map out your life passion business plan (This podcast has a few Ads. Sorry!)

Working on my 10-year goals

Spend at least a page or two for each question below. Use separate paper so you can put it away in a secret place when finished. Consider pulling out that piece of paper in a year’s time and see if you feel the same way.

    Qu. 1 -  Where are you in 10 years time? – Before you answer this question, close your eyes and visualize yourself in 10 years time. Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you surrounded by? Really visualize it and then spend at least 20 minutes answering just this question (maybe 1-5 pages) writing about this place where you are at.

Then, when you have finished writing, and only when you’ve finished, answer the next questions, each in the same way, without skipping ahead.

   Qu. 2 -  Where are you in 5 years time? (same process as above. Be sure to give it the same amount of time)

   Qu. 3 -  Where are you in 2 years time?

   Qu. 4 -  Where are you this time next year?

   Qu. 5 – How did this exercise make you feel? Did it bring you closer to your dreams? Are they now within reach?

Once you have done these exercises, you can put this away. Let it hibernate and do its work in a little drawer somewhere in your room. At some stage you can pull it out and revisit it. But the writing down part is merely a tool to help your brain focus on who you truly are and who you want to become.



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