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S2 E5: Step Up & Lead: Actionable Insights on Building Community & Making a Difference with Esther Deutsch

S2 E5: Step Up & Lead: Actionable Insights on Building Community & Making a Difference with Esther Deutsch

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On TheCrea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast, I interview Guest Speakers who share topics are around creativity, entrepreneurship, or a little bit of both. I’m focusing on women in business lately, and that tends to touch on some really juicy discussions of strength, empowerment, life stories and taking the path least traveled. Which brings me to today’s episode.

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We are speaking a lot about Building Community and Leading by Example, with my fine guest, ESTHER DEUTSCH.

Esther is a quintessential EntreprenHER and a really inspiring community builder. As Senior Partner Success Manager at Net at Work, she holds a Master's degree in Social Work and a Bachelor's degree in Business. Esther co-hosts a networking community to help bring business professionals together called She also enjoys volunteering, especially with groups for women in technology and ran a mission trip to teach coding to young girls in the country of Belize! We met recently at the Channel Futures Leadership Summit in Miami where I moderated a panel of women leaders in business, and we hit it off so well, I asked her to come on to my podcast for a good chat.

Some great quotes from today’s episode:

  • Nobody starts at the top.

  • Everybody sees the end but nobody sees the work and grind

  • Money is needed to be able to make a bigger impact. Our relationship with money can be hard but if we look at it for doing the greater good, we build a better relationship.

  • Every big idea takes community and action

  • Esther’s favorite quote is “Leadership is a stance in the world, it’s not a job title” - don’t be afraid to take on leadership and step up. Doesn’t matter where you are at, even if you are a student. You never know what impact you can make

  • Let’s scrap the word ‘networking’ and change it to ‘relationship building and transformation or partnership development

  • right people will come to you ce]lear brand

  • employees can also be your community

We had a great 40 mins conversation and there were so many more awesome nuggets.

As I usually do with all my guest speakers, I asked Esther to pick a song from the GILLI MOON vault, and she picked ‘FIRE’. So we also played the song and for those watching, you can watch the music video. ‘FIRE’ is from my Beautiful Mess album, which helped wrap the theme for today about following your passions.

You can find Esther Deutsch at

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