The Crea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast
S2 E6: 2 Powerhouse PMO Women Leaders Walk Into A Room...

S2 E6: 2 Powerhouse PMO Women Leaders Walk Into A Room...

Welcome to theCrea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast - interviewing leading female, creative entrepreneurs who share their insights, tactics, & strategies

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On TheCrea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast, I interview Guest Speakers who share topics are around creativity, entrepreneurship, or a little bit of both. I’m focusing on women in business lately, and that tends to touch on some really juicy discussions of strength, empowerment, life stories and taking the path least traveled. Which brings me to today’s episode.

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So today 2 Powerhouse PMO Women Leaders Walk Into A Room... my Podcast Room of course! We're talking about PMO Project Leadership and running your own global business as a female entrepreneur. Louise Gardner is the founder and managing director of Pledge Consulting, a specialist project management consulting business based in Sydney Australia. Louise founded the business in 2012 after becoming frustrated with corporate life after 15 years working in large organisations.

I really resonate with Louise because we are both PMO Leaders and so I’ve been inspired by her from the get go. I literally stalked her on LinkedIn and eventually reached out because I resonated with her ethos, her thought leadership so much. And recently we met for the first time over the Xmas holidays. Today we want to dive into a little bit on what makes her tick as an EntreprenHER, and she has some really great thoughts on building a professional services business and why delivering projects is important through a PMO. What the heck is a PMO? You’ll find out. Watch and listen!

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The Crea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast
TheCrea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast - Listen as Gilli interviews leading female executives, digital and creative disruptors & entrepreneurs who share their insights, tactics, & strategies that made them successful passion leaders.