Nov 7, 2022 • 1HR 3M

S2 E1: “Reinventing Juli” - Success and Finding your Authentic Self - TheCrea8ve EntreprenHER

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“Reinventing Juli” - From turning her back on Corporate America to Self-Made Female Entrepreneur, Juli Lyon talks about Success, Dogs, Yoga, Hiking and finding your authentic self in a post-pandemic world.

Juli Lyon is a Bellingham Washington based Female Entrepreneur, Self-starter Business Owner, Nature lover, Yogi, and a truly badass woman. Having led hundreds of people and key technology changes for Kroger, one of the top 4 Fortune 100 Company in US Grocery business, she made a bold move and left her leadership role and eventually Los Angeles. She made a drastic change to run her own small business, and reinvent herself in small town Washington, finding not only joy and balance in her life, but also a new definition of success and her authentic self. Join Gilli Moon as she has a heartfelt conversation with Juli, as they also touch on her love for dogs, yoga, hiking and… yes…some Gilli Moon music (we’ll play Days in November).

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