Subtle or not so subtle nudges to get your shit together on who you want to be next.... 💘
"I AM Amazing because...." What would you write? Are you living the glass half full or half empty?
You are! For the female entrepreneurs and leaders out there - Road tips to step into your leadership zone as an EntreprenHER.
A little message on getting specific so people get you
Bosses, listen up: Taking care of people and culture in the workplace is so important. Here's why....
S2 E3: Gilli talks with Deb Dutta from Criya on her rise from dream-filled Immigrant to successful Silicon Valley VC Funded Female Startup…Welcome to theCrea8ve EntreprenHER Podcast - interviewing leading female, creative entrepreneurs who share their insights, tactics, & strategies that…
Following your passion does....
Do you like my new lippy? Also, here’s a few things to do to be unconventional, extreme, innovative and … damn successful, just like Elon Musk, Steve…
Why Cross Fit is my new jam and how I finished faster and you can too… 🚀
Getting clear on values, passions and goals
Learning to be the conduit of your talent, and get out of your own way for true success
The art of high-performing teams for business success